Our mission is to foster ecologically balanced methods of construction and energy production in order to promote more sustainable and healthy communities. 

 Sustainable building means a cleaner environment, more efficient energy generation and use, more effective use of building materials, less toxic living spaces.



Our work includes custom homes, additions, and renovations for residential and commercial clients. 

We produce high performance buildings.  We are trained and experienced with Passive House (PH) building, net zero and carbon zero buildings.

We recommend an “integrated design process” for projects. This approach brings together the key stakeholders (owners, architects, engineers, tradespeople and others) to create a project plan. 


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We can be hired as a coach to help you through a project you are managing or as a consultant on your project (such as around building envelopes and other Passive House processes).

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The Fourth Pig is also committed to education as a crucial part of promoting more sustainable shelters. We host presentations and provide hands-on workshops. 

You can find our upcoming public events on our events page. 

We also publish an e-newsletter, "Force of Nature" about natural and green building and sustainable energy. You can sign up here.

Straw bale wrap, straw bale addition, super energy efficient


We converted this leaky and poorly insulated 60's home in Lake of Bays, Muskoka, to a quiet, comfortable year-round family haven through a combination of straw bale wrap, dense pack cellulose an additional exterior wall and straw bale insulated addition. We modeled the home in the Passive House software, PHPP, to help us maximize our energy savings. 

We used FSC lumber and No Added Urea Formaldehyde sheets, zero VOC eco-friendly adhesives, finishes and sealants. The house features a wood fired boiler which also heats domestic water and water for space heating. A solar hot water heater was also installed for hot water and supplement radiant heating. Insulation included denim batt and cellulose.  Perlite was used for under slab basement insulation and to insulate block walls. 

The interior walls are finished with a clay based earth plaster. The exterior walls are finished with a clay-based plaster with lime stabilization. 



Deep energy renovation with straw bale addition


This project was a deep-energy full renovation and addition on a single family home in the beaches area. Durability, quality, energy efficiency, comfort and long lasting beauty were priorities for this extensive renovation and addition on a historical home in dire need of repair.  

The historical front facade was restored. The addition is insulated with straw bales and has a super-insulated ICF foundation. Perlite was used for the underslab in the addition. Along with straw bales, the house is insulated with soya based spray foam and dense pack cellulose. A combination of in-floor radiant heat and re-used original cast iron radiators were installed in new locations. The roof was done with Enviroshake Shingles and a white rubber membrane on the flat roof.

The project includes Passive House windows and an energy recovery ventilator. We used FSC certified lumber and wood products and more environmentally sound choices for adhesives and sealants.