Air tightness consultants and air barrier installers


The Fourth Pig acted as air tightness consultants and air barrier installers (and solver of air tightness details) on Parkdale Landing, which is to date the largest passive house retrofit in Canada. We worked with owners Indwell, the architect Invizij and the General Contractor Schithuis Construction to ensure the air barrier met or exceeded passive house air tightness standards. The building passed its air tightness requirements with flying colours (coming in at at 0.3 ACH at 50 Pascals)!

Parkdale Landing is now 57 affordable apartments, with commercial space on the ground floor. Read more about this project in this piece in SAB magazine and here at TreeHugger.

In 2018 Parkdale Landing Project won the Inspiring Home Award from the Canada Green Building Council and the Award of Merit for Renovation Institutional by the Hamilton-Burlington Society of Architects.

Photos: George Qua Enoo. 

Bedroom, bunkbeds, plater walls, glass sliding door, wooden floor
Basement two wooden doors, wood floor, white plaster floor and ceiling with LED potlights
Open concept ground floor kitchen and living room. wood floor, wood cabinets, steel appliances, lime plaster walls.