Project Fourth Pig are consultants on project featured on CBC and Tree-hugger

Image: Invizij Architects

Image: Invizij Architects

In Hamilton Ontario the community agency Indwell continues to build affordable housing and now is working toward Passive House. The Fourth Pig is proud to be the air-tightness consultants (plus we will be doing some detailing) for the Parkdale Landing Project. The designers on these projects are Invizij Architects.

Getting to the full Passive House standard on a renovation is very difficult but following the  Passive House approach, you can get a very good building. Lloyd Alter at Treehugger reviews some of the numbers in his piece on these Hamilton projects.  

The CBC also ran a piece on how the Passive Standard is being used in affordable housing (including the Parkdale Landing Project).  At the Fourth Pig we have long advocated for all affordable housing buildings to be Passive House. Passive House not only reduces the hard to pay fluctuating heating and cooling bills by a huge percentage (often 70-90%) it provides comfort and reduces greenhouse gases. 

We are proud to be working on these exciting inititatives!