Fourth Pig doing consulting on home featured in Globe and Mail

In a Globe and Mail piece entitled "Green features add value to a home, but do they make it sell?" journalist Josh O'Kane spoke with Sumit Ajwani who is gutting his home and doing a renovation to make it super energy efficient. The Fourth pig has been hired on as consultants to assist in the project. We are assisting Mr. Ajwani around Passive House design and practice, general energy efficiency and in materials selection. 

As reported in the Globe “Mr. Ajwani said "We are building a house for the Tesla generation. There’s this group of people coming up willing to pay the premium to do the right thing.”  Here at the Fourth Pig we also agree with Mike Reynolds, co-founder and editor of EcoHome who said, "Most buyers don’t realize that they could keep more money in their pockets every month by buying a better-performing home, because the added costs on a building mortgage can be offset completely by lower utility bills.” 

We are excited to be part of this project!