Fourth Pig part of the team for award winning building


The Fourth Pig has been pleased to be the air-tightness consultants for the Parkdale Landing Building in Hamilton. This building took the “Inspiring Home” prize on May 30th 2019 at the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) Leadership Awards Gala Dinner. The ceremony was held at the Vancouver Conference Centre as part of CaGBC’s National Conference and Showcase, Building Lasting Change.

The 2019 Leadership and Green Building Excellence Awards recognize individuals and organizations that demonstrate outstanding industry leadership and who have made significant contributions to the CaGBC’s mission and goals in advancing green building in Canada.

We are proud to have worked on this project with Indwell, Peel Passive House, Schilthuis Construction, Kalos Engineering and, CK Engineering.

“Every year we are recognizing those individuals that are making a difference and affecting/leading change in Canada’s green building industry,” said Thomas Mueller, President and CEO of the CaGBC. “This year’s award winners are indicative of the passion, commitment and innovation that drives our industry to keeping moving forward in delivering change on the ground. This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Daniel Pearl, embodies those traits. Both as a practicing architect and an educator, he has influenced sustainable design and delivered ground breaking projects for decades.”

Green building experts join forces at Green Living Show, March 22-24


Press release: March 14, 2019

Green building experts join forces at Green Living Show, March 22-24

Alarmed that buildings are harming people and the environment, experts believe education is key and create Green Building Learning Zone

(Toronto, ON)  Recent studies show that buildings account for almost half of Toronto’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and we spend on average 90 percent of our time indoors, where air quality is often terrible. We must do better, say a group of green building experts who have banded together for the first time to share their expertise at the upcoming Green Living Show March 22-24 in Toronto. Education, they say, is key.

These green building professionals have created a collaborative space within the Green Living Show called the “Green Building Learning Zone.” The group wants the booth to reinvigorate the green building section of the Green Living Show and educate consumers about what is possible. 

The Green Building Learning Zone brings together architects, designers, builders, suppliers, educators, non-profits and consultants from the green building world who are all deeply committed to creating sustainable buildings and educating the public about their importance.  Green Building Learning Zone contributors are planning a series of educational presentations at the Green Building Show on a range of topics that include: building envelope, indoor air quality, and alternative building materials, to name a few. Many presentations will draw from case studies from Toronto and beyond. In addition, there will be sample green building materials, a library of resources to peruse and purchase, and experts to answer questions.

Green Building Learning Zone collaborators include: Aerecura Rammed Earth Builders; Agritecture, Ontario; Eco Building Resource; Endeavour - The Sustainable Building School; the Fourth Pig Green & Natural Construction; Greening Homes; Nadurra Wood Corporation; The Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science Graduate Studies, Ryerson University; Sage Living; Simple Life; Stone’s Throw Design Inc.; and, Tooketree Passive Homes. The Green Living Show booth is sponsored by Sustainable Buildings Canada, Passive Buildings Canada and the Ontario Natural Building Coalition.

The group says their vision of a sustainable building is: affordable to build, buy and operate; very energy efficient; made with materials that have low embodied carbon and minimal waste; healthy, comfortable and promotes the well-being of the occupants; resilient, beautiful, accessible, and connected to community.

“The need for education around high performance and healthy buildings is quite great and urgent,” says Bettina Hoar, one of the founding members of the group. “Too often homeowners are unaware that the buildings they live and work in are not up to the highest energy performance and health standards. This compromises their comfort, health and energy bills. It also negatively impacts the environment and contributes to climate change. We want them to know that they have the power to change this next time they plan to buy, build or renovate.”

The City of Toronto’s 2030 goal is that all new buildings be built to produce near-zero GHG emissions.  This is possible today.  While Ontario’s building code strives to improve energy performance, it does not guarantee a high performance, comfortable and healthy space. It is up to consumers to demand higher standards, and that starts with knowledge.

“Typically when people want to reduce their building’s environmental footprint, they might first consider solar panels, which are often the most expensive solution relative to their overall impact,” says Hoar. “Really, the most effective way to begin is with the “unsexy” stuff - the building envelope such as walls, roof, foundation and windows – the things we don’t see but have such a massive impact because they reduce the need for energy in the first place. Plus buildings affect human health and wellbeing, from the way they are designed, to the materials and methods used to build them, to how to they fit into the community.  We can do better.”

To learn more about the Green Building Learning Zone and contributors, visit:

Fourth Pig's Taryn Green now a Certified Passive House Consultant

Taryn cphc .jpg

We are excited to announce that Fourth Pig Project Coordinator Taryn Green is now a Certified Passive House Consultant! As the Passive House Institute US says “PHIUS-trained CPHCs are leading adoption of passive house by designing and building quality-assured passive projects -- single family, multifamily and commercial -- across North America's varied climate zones.”

Taryn is also a PHIUS Certified Builder, Energy Manager, and a LEED Accredited Professional.

New UN report says buildings and construction sector are huge untapped potential for emission reductions


Dramatic action will be needed by governments, cities and business if the global buildings and construction sector is to cut its carbon footprint in line with international agreements, according to a new report by the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction.

The 2018 Global Status Report - Towards a Zero-Emission, Efficient and Resilient Buildings and Construction Sector, highlights that emissions from buildings and construction may have peaked in the past few years, with energy efficiency gains in areas such as heating, lighting and cooking and with more offices and homes being powered by cleaner forms of energy. However the report underlines that the buildings sector – a huge engine of the global economy – still accounts for a significant 39 percent of total energy-related CO2 emissions and 36 percent of final energy use.

Notably the report identifies embodied carbon of buildings as a crucial issue.

Fourth Pig project featured in Globe and Mail

Photo: Riley Snelling

Photo: Riley Snelling

Muskoka cottage sheds its skin for a sustainable new coat” by Dave Leblanc in the Globe and Mail highlights a recent project by architect Terrell Wong of Stones Throw Design with the Fourth Pig doing the renovation work. There has been quite a transformation!

In the article Terrell Wong describes the pleasure that a well put together project can bring,
“‘I never thought I would have feelings towards siding until …’ Ms. Wong said, pausing for thought, and then giving credit to the Fourth Pig: ‘I’ve never seen people take so much time to make siding level and sexy and perfect, and I’m like, ‘Oh, is this what it’s supposed to look like?’ I’m so used to the wobbly siding with the dirt on it.’”

Read the whole piece here.

Fourth Pig becomes a certified supplier with Buy Social

This month the Fourth Pig became a certified supplier with Buy Social. “Buy Social Canada brings socially driven purchasers and social enterprise suppliers together, building business relationships that generate social benefits to communities across the country. We offer a recognized, Canada-wide social enterprise certification program that opens the door to an emerging social impact network. We work with community, private sector, and government to support the development of policy and resources to strengthen local and regional social procurement initiatives.”

Parkdale Landing project wins prize

CaGBC-Toronto_InspiringHomeAward (1).jpg

Indwell’s Parkdale Landing Project won the Inspiring Home Award last night from the Canada Green Building Council. The Fourth Pig acted as airtightness consultants and air barrier installers (and solver of air tightness details) on Parkdale Landing, which is to date the largest passive house retrofit in Canada. We worked with owners Indwell, the architect Invizij and the General Contractor Schithuis Construction to ensure the air barrier met or exceeded passive house air tightness standards. The building passed its air tightness requirements with flying colours (coming in at at 0.3 ACH at 50 Pascals)!

Parkdale Landing is now 57 affordable apartments, with commercial space on the ground floor.