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Visit a couple of Fourth Pig projects on the Annual Ontario Natural Homes Tour

  • 1033 North Tooke Lake Rd Baysville Ontario P0B 1A0 (map)

It's a 2 for 1 year for the Fourth Pig and the Ontario Natural Building Coalition's Annual Ontario Natural Homes Tour.  This year we are inviting the public to visit buildings next door to each other at 1033 and 1031 North Took Lake Road in Baysville. Both of these projects have been done in partnership with Stone's Throw Design

As a way of promoting natural building, the Ontario Natural Building Coalition coordinates an annual Natural Homes Tour, in the early autumn each year. For the tour, dozens of natural homes and buildings across Ontario open their doors for participants to see examples of straw bale, rammed earth, cob, timber frame, off grid, passive solar, and many other natural building methods and alternative technologies. 

At 1033 North Took Lake Road we are once again featuring a straw bale home deep retrofit. We converted this leaky and poorly insulated '60s home in to a quiet, comfortable year-round family haven through a combination of straw bale wrap, dense pack cellulose, an additional exterior wall and straw bale insulated addition. We modeled the home in the Passive House software, PHPP, to help us maximize our energy savings. We used FSC lumber and No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) sheet goods, zero VOC eco-friendly adhesives, finishes, sealants, and tapes.

At 1031 North Took Lake Road this is a retrofit with a Gutex fibreboard wrap of 80’s cottage. As Terrell Wong says of Stone's Throw Design "Lakeside Hammock was constructed in 1985 by two well meaning if not technically apt men. I describe its original condition as 'an ugly vinyl sided bungalow set atop 2 storeys of concrete block.' The original house had 2x4 stud walls with batt insulation, a roof with animal infested batt insulation and a completely un-insulated concrete block foundation fastened directly to granite bedrock. This project has been slowly chipped away at, initially from the interior and now on the exterior. Every opportunity was taken to increase insulation and air tightness as we moved toward our final goals."

Note that Melinda Zytaruk, General Manager of the Fourth Pig will be speaking at 1pm in Bracebridge nearby as part of Green Foundations -- Shaping a Sustainable Community. Come by before or after the tour!