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Get a tour of one of our straw bale houses at Green Energy Doors Open

Once again we are pleased to participate in Green Energy Doors Open. On Saturday September 10th we are hosting a tour of a straw bale home (and sharing information about the Lake of Bays Renewable Energy Co-operative). 

The Fourth Pig converted this leaky and poorly insulated 60’s home in Lake of Bays, Muskoka, to a quiet, comfortable year-round family haven through a combination of straw bale wrap, dense pack cellulose an additional exterior wall and straw bale insulated addition. We modelled the home in the Passive House software, PHPP to help us maximize our energy savings.

We used FSC lumber and No Added Urea Formaldehyde sheets, zero VOC eco-friendly adhesives, finishes and sealants. The house features a wood fired boiler which also heats domestic water and water for space heating. A solar hot water heater was also installed for hot water and supplement radiant heating. Insulation included denim batt and cellulose. Perlite was used for under slab basement insulation and to insulate block walls.