Natural Beautiful Affordable Sustainable


Yes, your home or building can be beautiful. It can be comfortable all year round. It can be energy efficient. It can be affordable to build and to maintain. Discover the joys of natural and green building!

How you build shelters matters. Homes in North America are often unnecessarily energy-hungry, toxic and divorced from the environment. Developers tend to use materials that are neither sustainably sourced nor environmentally friendly. Builders too often ignore materials ready to hand including straw bales, local clays, sand, and rock. The particular characteristics and benefits of each unique site such as access to water, good south facing, or good tree-cover are rarely well considered. 

We are different. Yes, we do home and commercial renovations and building. The difference? Our work is based on natural and green building techniques and materials. The result?  Affordable, high performance, comfortable, beautiful, sustainable buildings. 

Fourth Pig Green & Natural Building