We renovate, build, consult, and educate

Imagine comfortably sitting next to a window in the winter. Imagine sleeping in a room quiet to the outside noise. Imagine the pleasure of breathing clean filtered air. Imagine a home not too hot or cold with air not too dry or moist and the right amount of light.
Welcome to sustainable building.

Sustainable building means a cleaner environment, more efficient energy generation and use, more effective use of building materials, and healthier living spaces.

The result is comfortable buildings that are good for the planet and good for your health.

The Fourth Pig works primarily in the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and Muskoka areas of Ontario.

Our mission is to foster ecologically balanced methods of construction and energy production in order to promote more sustainable and healthy communities. Founded in 2007 the Fourth Pig is a non-profit worker co-operative that is owned and operated by its members. Our members are invested in the success of the organization and we are proud to share and promote cooperative values.

For more on why we work the way we do see this short video.

House with wood siding


Our work includes custom homes, additions, and renovations for residential and commercial clients. We proudly provide a two year warranty. See below for some sample projects and here for a PDF of our portfolio. 

We produce high performance energy efficient buildings. We pay close attention to the embodied carbon and the health impacts of our materials. We re-use and recycle materials. We are trained and experienced with passive house (PH) building, net zero and carbon zero buildings.

We recommend the principles of an “integrated design process” for projects. This approach brings together the key stakeholders (owners, architects, engineers, tradespeople and others) to create a project plan. 


Two Fourth Pig staff in front of sample Passive House wall and window


We can be hired as a consultant on your project (such as around building envelopes and other passive house processes) or as a coach to help you through a project you are managing.

Fourth Pig staff presenting to crowd guelph organic 2017


The Fourth Pig is also committed to education as a crucial part of promoting more sustainable buildings. We host presentations and provide hands-on workshops. 

You can find our upcoming public events on our events page.

We recommend the Endeavour Centre as a great resource for learning sustainable building skills.  

We also publish an e-newsletter, "Force of Nature" about natural and green building and sustainable energy. You can sign up here.